The Benefits of Meal Planning and How to Get Started

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by deciding what to eat for your lunch or dinner? If yes, perhaps you might need to learn how to plan your meal so it can save you time and stress while providing a healthy and balanced meal filled with nutrients.

Meal planning has become increasingly popular recently and for good reason, people start normalising it due to how challenging to balance work, family and all other responsibilities. To those who are uninformed, meal planning involves creating a plan for the meals to be consumed throughout the week, reducing the amount of guesswork and confusion on what to eat prior to your meal time. Not only it will help to save you time thinking about what to cook or prepare but helping you to stick to healthier food choices thus giving you the chance to control your meals and improve your diet along the way.

The Benefits of Meal Planning

Time saver: Not only you will have the room to accomplish other stuff if you apply meal planning cohesively but also planning your meals in advance gives you the space to obtain or purchase the ingredients you need on hand. 

Revised or improve how you consume your meal: One of the highlights of why meal planning is crucial is that allows you to shift your focus to incorporating healthier and more nutritious food into your daily consumption. In that way, you can be confident in eating a balanced diet that is comprised of various nutrients be it from veggies, seeds, fruits, whole grains and lean proteins.

Weight management: Adapting to meal planning and consuming balanced food in order helps you to manage your diet and contributes to your weight management because you are able to control the portion of the meal intake. The best part, you can avoid eating unnecessary snacks such as junk food, snacks, processed food, fast food and etc.

Reducing anxiety and stress: Through meal planning could help to eliminate the need decides what to eat or what to prepare for a meal every day. Having a meal plan can help to relax your mind, and do other meaningful stuff like house cleaning, laundry or simply relaxing while waiting for your food to deliver to your home if you are ordering from a local caterer like us – Tingkat Delivery.

Can save your money: Be honest that you ever feel like you’re purchasing groceries excessively and out of order well you can easily avoid that by sticking to your grocery lists and buying only you need for the week’s meals. In this way, you can avoid wasting your money and also reduce food waste. You may also factor in the ongoing discounts at your local grocery stores to stock up only on the necessary ingredients for future meals.

How to Get Started with Meal Planning

You might be wondering whether meal planning is hard to do or not. Fret not! It’s pretty easy to follow as long you are willing to commit to it. 

Knowing your goal: What do you want to achieve throughout and after the meal planning? Do you plan to save time, keep up a good diet or eat a consistently healthier meal? Understanding your goal will help you to stay focused and motivated.

Start planning your meals: Now is the time for you to decide what to include in your meal plan. Be it easy-to-make or complex recipes – you won’t be facing many difficulties to muster your will to prepare the meal at a later stage. Tips – you can include various nutrients be it from veggies, seeds, fruits, whole grains and lean proteins on your meal plans!

Knowing what to purchase at the grocery store: You can choose what ingredients to buy at your local grocery store and in that way you can ensure everything is well prepared before preparing your meal. 

Meals preparation: Depending on your meal plan, you can prepare you can cook everything on the day or spread the cooking session out over the course of a few days.

Tips for Successful Meal Planning

Simple: Don’t overwhelm yourself with a multitude of recipes at once. Instead, start with a simple and easy meal and slowly move to a more complex meal until you get comfortable with your own meal planning.

Stay flexible: There will be certain circumstances in which you won’t be following entirely your meal plan so don’t get discouraged instead be flexible like a weasel – you may adjust your meal plan suits your comfort and ability.

Invite others to join in meal planning:  Eating alone may lead to boredom. There was a saying that “The food tastes better when you share it with others” and you might want to light your dining table with family members. It will be great to promote the healthier benefits of meal planning with your family members too!

Our Weekly Tingkat Meal Meal Plan Suggestion

Here’s our meal plan to help you get started:


Breakfast: Oatmeal with fresh fruit

Lunch: Salted Vegetable w/ Chicken Soup and Stewed Pork Cube w/ Bitter Gourd

Dinner: ABC Pork Rib Soup and Stir-Fried Chinese Spinach w/ Wolfberry


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with whole-grain toast

Lunch: Sweet Corn w/ Minced Pork Soup and Cauliflower & Broccoli w/ Mushroom

Dinner: Baked salmon with a quinoa salad


Breakfast: Yogurt parfait with granola and berries

Lunch: Seafood Bean Curd in Crab Sauce & Stewed Pork Cube w/ Fermented Bean Curd

Dinner: Winter Melon w/ Lean Pork Soup & Stir-Fried Fish Ball w/ Chinese Cabbage


Breakfast: Peanut butter and banana smoothie

Lunch: Potato & Sausage in Tomato Sauce & Steamed Herbal Chicken

Dinner: Black Bean & Peanut w/ Chicken Soup & Sweet & Sour Fish


Breakfast: Soft-boiled eggs and traditional toast

Lunch: Lotus Root & Peanut w/ Chicken Feet Soup & Roasted Sliced Pork in Char Siew Sauce

Dinner: Spinach & Tomato w/ Sliced Fish Soup & Stir-Fried Si Chuan Vegetable w/ Minced Pork

The above suggested meal plan are mixture of carbohydrates, proteins and vegetables that will supply enough nutrients and energy to fuel your hectic day. While the suggested meal plan might seem inadequate for some, feel free to adjust the portion size or add on any other meal that suits your time and size requirements.

At Tingkat Delivery, we uphold pride in delivering authentic and nutritious Asian home-cooked meals to you. Kickstart your journey towards health and wellness. Book your meals here today!